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Barnes, who wore a dark tailored suit to court and had her blonde hair pulled back, said she posed for photographer Jeffrey Dunas in November 1975 only because she believed her real name would not be used.

  • It worked well enough that she became a member of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens at 13 and Miss Montreal at 18.

  • She will make another appearance later on in this list! The photo itself reveals Wie's beautiful smile and long flowing hair in the wind.

Aimee Garcia

Looks like the gorillas are getting it in, now, too! The two were participating in an event known as Hollywood Rush, in which celebrities write, rehearse and then perform plays for a live audience within a very short timeframe.

  • Jodie Sweetin Additional Plastic Surgery Certainly, addiction has long-lasting physical and emotional affects.

  • She stayed for six weeks.